maritime- folk band from Wroclaw

Za Horyzontem

Za Horyzontem band is a maritime-folk group from Poland.
It has large stage experience – from many years we play concerts on big and small stages all over the world. The band has won several important awards and has repeatedly visited with his music the biggest shanty and folk festivals in Europe and overseas in the United States. The band plays their own, original music intertwined with traditional Irish music.
At concerts they shows what is unique in sailing music – the world of the sea seen through the eyes of women, enchanted in the lyrics of the songs, colorful costumes and dance.

Agata Boratczuk

vocals, guitar, whistle
A vocalist with minor musical education. Self-taught guitarist and whistler. She began singing with sung poetry and tourist songs, later convinced to try maritime shanties. She writes, composes and arranges. The author of most songs performed by the group. Professionally she is a teacher (genetically and by trade). Privately, a happy wife and mother to Nina, as well as a passionate collector of witches in all forms. When time allows it, she travels or sails with her husband and daughter.

Ewa Musiał

Energetic and full of optimism, able to light every room with her infectious smile. She's a good spirit in every bunch. Has been singing since she can remember, long time affiliated with shanties scene. Was a member of "Dzikie Róże" and a group "Voice Ekipa" from Skierniewice. A mom of two teens. An entrepreneur of handicrafts, which directly translates to her love of dogs, so after a concert, she is able to make you a dog leash of your have ever wanted.

Beata Greb-Markiewicz

She began her adventure with the violin in kindergarten and continued through I and II degree Music School, despite momentary doubts and competition from the piano, ballroom dancing, horse riding and other passions (for which she still hopes to find time). She first came in contact with shanties by playing in the group Chór Wujów, which she joined thanks to sailing. Professionally she is a biotechnologist and science head. In-between experiments she still finds time for some womanly shanties and Irish folk, because that’s what she likes. She gets the most joy from simply playing with others and adding a bit of herself to music.

Nina Boratczuk

vocals - guest
She attends a technical secondary school, has been playing the violin and singing since she was 3 years old. She draws beautifully. She has been sailing for many years.

Tomasz Dura

n love with music since forever. He was probably born with a guitar (in his left hand, no less!). He dabbles in various musical genres. He is not afraid of challenges, and because he likes to swing the paddle, he decided to try his skills in shanties. IT technician by education. A handyman and specialist in electronics. He likes to attend music festivals, and feels especially at home when surrounded by the sound of blues.

Piotr Onyszczuk

bass guitar
Music has always been his second nature, while his passion for sailing dates back to the boy-scouting times. Treading the big stage for more than 20 years, he is a talented lyricist, music author, and bass player. At times he likes to trade his bass for a guitar (to a decent outcome), or even for a violin (with lots of room for improvement). A father to an exquisite daughter and the owner of a prosperous security systems business. A keen inland sailor.

Michał Skwirowski

Plays with several band in Wroclaw. Appreciates variety in music. Likes both live performances and studio situations. Likes to play the keys and to compose music in his spare time. A happy hubby and daddy.

Andrzej Boratczuk

An individual not associated with music, but with management – most definitely. Day to day – a happy, retired army man, husband and father to his children and… grandpa to his grandchildren! Life (or more accurately, his wife) forced him to take on managing a women’s shanty group. He now has to juggle it with running a company and other activities. A man of a thousand (sometimes very curious) talents. Privately he loves culinary experiments (cooking, as well as eating). He has many interests – from music, though sport and collecting. A sailing enthusiast.