Sweet Jane (english) – tekst

Sweet Jane
* sł. Dariusz Raczycki, muz. Agata (Król) Boratczuk, tłum. Witold Hrycyk

I was captain’s little daughter, loved by all men on the ship,
They would sit me on their knees, give their beards to scratch and grip
Used to spend my time on board, rocked to sleep by ocean waves,
I knew every shanty song, from those men tough and brave

Hi there, Sweetie, everybody knows you – Jane,
let me feel just for a while the sweet softness of your hand.
Hi there, Sweetie, I will take you far away,
you are always oh so pretty, one your smile will make my day.

As I grew a bit older, I got rounder here and there
They would stare at me and crave, and show how much they care
Contenders came by dozens – a hundred or more –
but I wouldn’t go with any, left them crying on the floor.

Hi there, Sweetie, …

And then once (there) came a sailor, a real handsome lad,
I felt thunder in my heart – and Gawd, I was glad.
He took me by the hand and I ceased to be a child,
when he sang me the song, we would dance all through the night.

Hi there, Sweetie, …

Now I´m back where I belong, always thinking of the sea,
and the sailor´s gone for good – loved his bottle more than me.
He left nothing but some memories that I hope to soon forget-
But my daughter runs on board and now the crew sing for her.

Hi there, Sweetie, …

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